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Does the Ford Edge comply with all California state laws regarding emissions, and all other regulations. This is important for the buyer who is transferring to california

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Diana Claussen, Owner / Writer at Auto Goddess they need to check with the state and county for what the paramaters are. Califs laws are ever-changing so what may be 'acceptable' this year (Oct 2012) might not be acceptable come January 2013. The Edge is a newer model (less than 5 years old) so their chances of it passing are high - however, if there is a problem with their personal vehicle's exhaust or a problem that a mechanic would need to fix that of course could cause an issue. My suggestion- drive it straight to state inspections as soon as they roll into town to make sure vehicle does not have an (individual) exhaust problem.

Jo An Holt, Automotive Journalist at Holt & Associates Still checking but believe the Edge is a 50 state car.

Kristin Brocoff, Director of Corporate Communications at Every vehicle manufactured to be driven in the U.S. -- including the 2011 Ford Edge -- is required by law to meet federal and state emissions standards. Of course, if you're driving with a "check engine" light on, it's likely you wouldn't pass your emissions test in any state, California included. If you're ever unsure about California emissions standards, a great resource is the California Air Resources board at Best of luck with your move. Kristin Brocoff, Corp.

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