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Hello. I have a 1999 tahoe 6.5 TD,with a irritating noise, when i push the brake and the car is put to complete stop, when i let go of the brake pedal there comes a loud "DUNK" from behind. When i start to drive again the "DUNK" comes again when the car accelerates. There rear differential is new all inside,ALL brakes i have changed and i have chanced the joint in the axle from the the transmission as well !!! The car has just gone thru a EU controle at the Chevy dealer and they did not show anything wrong at all. REALLY hope that someone can tell me what i must check next ???? Thanks a lot. P. Jensen

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Palle, Thank You for writing into AskPatty! This is a common issue with Tahoes, many times what you are hearing is caused by (1) your rear rotors. If they have been resurfaced a few times, they are thinner than recommended by GM. The solution can be to replace your rotors. or (2) Excessive backlash clunk under acceleration or deacceleration can be caused by any of the following: • Worn differential pinion shaft • Worn differential pinion and/or side gear teeth • Worn thrust washers • Excessive clearance between the side gears and the axle shafts • Excessive clearance between differential side gears and the bore in the case • Excessive drive pinon and ring gear backlash

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