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The float in the gas tank does not work..the tank was recently filled up ..but it shows below empty and wont move..What kind of part do I need, and Can I replace..the "float"...(?) myself..I am not car savvy at all.. Thankyou, Patty

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Patty, You concern may not simply be the float, you may have a faulty fuel sending unit in conjunction. This consists of removing the rear seat, fuel pump cover, and using an ohms meter for further inspection. I suggest that you take this to a professional. Hope this Helps!

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Patty, It could be a bad gauge or the float. If it's the float, that's in the gas tank. I believe on these vehicles you can access that by removing the rear seat, but I'm not sure. Sometimes it involves dropping the gas tank to get to them. This is really not a do it yourself job. You could pay to have it fixed or just keep track of mileage and make sure you put gas in every 150 miles or so and you won't run out of gas. Lori Johnson

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