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My vehicle has 108,000 miles on it. It stalled three separate times over a period of two weeks, but would start right back up. I took it to a mechanic and they gave the car a tune up and a new timing belt. When I picked up the car it didn't sound right. The motor sounded like it was working harder than it needed to and had a low rumbling sound to it like you would expect from a truck. It is an automatic and after the repair I noticed when I accelerated the car didn't seem to change gears soon enough. Also, when idleing the engine would sound like it was having to adjust itself (increasing/decreasing power). I also noticed that the dashboard lights had dimmed. The day after picking up the vehicle from the repair shop it stalled again and I had it towed back into the shop. They could not determine what the problem was but said they needed to replace one of the motor mounts, which they did. One week later, while the lights on the dash were still dim, the lights on the gear shift totally went out. The car has not stalled since but the engine continues to sound as noted above. The mechanic told me just to drive it for a couple hundred miles because the car's computer might need to adjust itself to the new parts and the work that was done. I have done this and the vehicle still sounds the same. Do you have any suggestions as to what the problem may be? I have considered taking the vehicle to someone else to check, but I have already paid a lot to this mechanic. Your advice is appreciated.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Denise, Thank You for writing into AskPatty! To address your concern of the dash lights being dim, you can make sure the dimmer switch is turned all the way up, and if so you may have a light that is blown in the instrument cluster panel. In regards to the deep sound that you are hearing, you may have a small exhaust leak causing a low drown sound especially during acceleration. You always have that option of a second opinion.

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