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I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu and misfiring I know it's not the wires or spark plugs

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jennifer, Abnormalities in the accessory drive system (serpentine belt) and/or components may cause an engine RPM variation and possibly lead to a misfire (diagnostic trouble code) DTC. A misfire code may be present without an actual misfire condition. Replace the drive belt, and have the Drive Belt Tensioner inspected also.Worn, damaged, or mis-aligned accessory drive components or excessive pulley runout may lead to a misfire DTC. A loose flywheel or crankshaft balancer can possibly set the same or similar DTC as a misfire, even though plugs, wires, and coils are in good condition. I would also suggest you have your vacuum lines inspected for wear, missing, or dry-rot. Hope this Helps A. J. Valle

Kristin Brocoff, Director of Corporate Communications at A misfire can be very serious and can ultimately cause a roadside brakedown and serious damage. The best way to know what's causing the misfire is to run a diagnostic with a code reader or scan tool. The CarMD Vehicle Health System is an easy-to-use product that lets you diagnose check engine light problems -- including misfires -- yourself. It's also a good idea to have your vehicle inspected by an ASE-certified mechanic that you trust. If it's not the spark plugs themselves, it may be the ignition coil(s), which are a very common repair. But don't guess. Know for sure! Safe driving, Kristin Brocoff

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Jennifer, If you have new plugs and wires that still doesn't mean that it's getting proper spark. A misfire could also be caused by a fuel problem. You should get a check engine light. Get the code read and then you'll have a better idea where to start. Make sure that you have a technician properly diagnose this condition so you don't end up replacing parts you don't need. Lori Johnson

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