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I recently have been having problem with cranking my car. I took my car to have it checked for a problem with my AC. It has freon. The mechanic checked it. A few days later the fan came on for a few minutes when I cranked it in the morning. It was idled at 2 notches on the RPM scale, Then the fan would go off and the RPM would jump up to 1 RPM. The problem has gotten worse. Also the acceleration after stopping has been sluggish. I also get a misfire at 2, 3, and 6 spartplug. However, these were changed six months ago along with the distributer cap. Also, the exhaust system near the engine ie emitting a noise like there is a hole in the pipe.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Deneen, Thank You for writing into AskPatty! To address your concern, an A/C system that is low on freon would not cause a slow crank. However, you may need your battery health checked. In regards to your RPM situation, it is normal for the fan to periodically run on start up, especially if it is hot outside. BUT, I may be seeing a dominoe effect in your multiple concerns; (keep in mind this is in theory)...IF, you have an alternator that is beginning to fail (weakened stator) this can pull a small current continuously from the battery, and at times cause erratic RPM behavior. In regards to your sluggishness, when you stated 2,3, and 6 spark plugs were changed I hope that ALL of your plugs and AND spark plug wires were changed at the same time. If this was not done all together I would recommend that be done as soon as possible. Please note, that if you have not had your fuel filter changed, that would be a good idea also. Finally, if you are hearing an exhaust leak, I would have an inspection performed which may result in a collector gasket replacement, which is where the header meets the tail pipe. Hope This Helps! Please write back if you have further questions! A. J. Valle

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