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We have out grown my old 2 door Honda Accord, with a 9 month old we are going to be buying a used SUV this month. I have heard that labor day is the best day to buy a car. Is that true? Should we wait to purchase a car on labor day or can we go ahead and get one sooner. We are looking for a 2010 used SUV for around $15,000. When is the best time to buy?

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Cherie Watters, President of Sales and Marketing at Hi Anne, Every day is a good day to buy a car, ask any car dealer. Yes there are incentives that are offered on holiday's to help sales. The best time is when people are trying to make quota's. Go into store on the last day of the month. Everyone will work hard to make you a great deal. Hope this helps, keep us posted

Patricia J Roberts, Director Business Development  at, Inc. All dealerships are independently owned from the manufacturer. They are able to offer their pricing on the vehicles that they sell. So to begin your search of the current sales, visit local dealership websites and or Local newspapers. End of model year and holidays seem to be when many dealerships offer great deals!

Chris Walsh, Owner at Consolidated Automotive Services of indiana To answer your question once dealers start receiving shipment of new year model vehicles which is now August current year model vehicles start going on sale. Remember once 2014 units hit the lot every vehicle in their inventory is a year older. Vehicle sales are the highest now then they have been in 4 years. Do your homework there are several online vehicle guides to pricing. Also ask for the Carfax history or run a report yourself prior to the purchase to insure you are not getting a vehicle with a negative history.

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