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Hi- The windshield on my Toyota 4Runner seems to catch every bug around. Is it because of the angle of the windshield, and would a bug guard be the answer? I've had 4X4s before and never had this problem. Also, the washer fluid doesn't seem to work very well. Could I just need new blades?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd I'm sure a bug guard would help.... but it may just be that it's that time of year. I haven't found any washer fluid / wiper combo that is very good at getting off the bug splat. The washer fluid is strong enough to get rid of the bug goop, but It takes a bit of elbow grease to remove the goop.

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube First clean the windshield using a bug removal product. You may need to use a coarse sponge to get the bugs off. Look at the wipers for damage or wear to see of you need new ones.

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive The blades should not affect the washer fluid spray. If the fluid is not spraying out the way it should, the nozzels might be clogged or the washer fluid pump may be on its way out. If the blades are just not clearing the windshield, then it is time for a new set of wipers. As far as the bugs, a bug guard would probably help.

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