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Hello ladies, I have a bit of a problem with my 2000 Subabru Outback. It first off has 189,600 miles on it and have had it for only ten months. I have two different problems with it currently. 1. My steering wheel vibrates pretty bad when I am going around 60 mph or faster. This happened out of no where when I was driving on a long trip. I did not run into a curb or hit any big potholes. I had Walmart techs balance and rotate my tires for me yesterday since I bought the tires from them and purchased a lifetime balancing and rotating option with my new tires. That did not fix the problem. What else could it be? Second concern, when I press on the gas pedal and get up to about 10/15 mph or faster, there is some weird metallic grinding of some sort sound that I can hear coming from the engine area I think. It is not a loose heat shield from what a mechanic told me. It may have started after my boyfriend changed the air filter, which by the way was a total pain in the rear end! The design of the Subaru is not mechanic or repair person friendly at all. It is however, much easier to change the engine oil than my last car, a trusty 1997 Ford Escort. The grinding type sound has gotten more frequent over time. What might that be? Thank you very much! Sincerely, Meredith Lyons

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Meredith, Thank You for writing into AskPatty with your concern! To address issue #1, you may need to have your tire condition inspected, if a rotation and balance did not remedy the vibration in the steering wheel then you may have a tire out of round, of a front end alignment may be needed. Issue #2, You may need to check around the fan shroud to make sure there is nothing loose that the fan is hitting, a heat shroud was a good recommendation also. This one may be more difficult to advise without having a visual. Hope this Helps! A. J. Valle

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