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I am not happy with the fuel mileage I am getting. My car just turned 15000 miles so break in period is OVER. I been reading other post from people who are frustrated as me with the fuel mileage. I have the 4 cylinder front wheel drive 1 liter. In snow forget about using this vehicle. I know its not 4 wheel drive but even when you shut the traction control off it still does not help. that is 1 problem. The other problem I had was a Knock sound coming from the motor with G M handled when I posted the problem on Facebook thank you. It needed a computer update. Now back to the fuel issue since day 1 the on board computer says I am getting 19MPG. around 5000 it went to 19.4 at 10000 it went to 19.6 now at 15000 it says 19.7. I have read that GM says its the driving habits I say BULL. Just yesterday I had the cruise control on and the instant MPG reads 26 mpg at 55mph with the cruise on so no touching the gas pedal. For the most part the fuel MPG is all over the place but not one comment I have read says its getting the 23c 32h. At the time I purchased this I was looking at the Nissan Altima because it supposedly has the same fuel economy. I really wish I bought that instead reading all the problem this model has.

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