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I took my car into a Goodyear in January to get my oil changed and during that time I received a free oil check. I was told that my tires needed to be realigned so I said that I would return when I had the funds. I went back in the beginning of March for the alignment and after an hour, they came out and told me that they could not realign my tires because my tie rods need to be replaced, which will cost $285 with the alignment. My car only has 37,702 miles on it. I was therefore wondering if it is likely that my tie rods are actually loose? I intend to take my car to an AskPatty Certified Female Friendly shop for a second opinion, but I want as much advice as possible before I go. I am a female college student and I do not know much about cars, so I am afraid Goodyear might be trying to take advantage of that.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Noelle, First of all, good for your for fishing for more advice in this situation! I would call the dealership being that you have a Hyundai, I am not sure the factory warranties, but I was thinking that they were 10 years/100k miles. I may be wrong about this. I would start by calling the dealership. That seems really odd to have such LOW miles and have an issue with your tie rods. You can also ask the dealership if there are any active service bulletins out in relation to your issue, sometimes if you have fallen out of the original factory warranty certain items are still repaired at no cost. Always good to call and ask!! Secondly, yes, I would recommend a second opinion. Hope this Helps!! A. J. Valle

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Noelle, If you have any gut feeling that the repair shop is not being honest with you, please find another shop! fast! Especially if you feel like they are taking advantage of your car knowledge. With the low mileage on your car, It is possible that maybe one side could be loose, it is not likely that both are loose but again it is not unheard of. I would suggest that you take your car to an establishment that will bring you out to the car and show you what is loose or not. Ask questions! Let them provide an opportunity to learn about your car. If it isn’t loose, you know not to go to that place anymore. If it is loose, it should be replaced. Outer tie rod ends that are loose are a safety issue, inner tie rods that are sort of loose are less of a safety issue. I hope that this is helpful. Good luck! Judy Curry

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Noelle, Tie rods can last a long time, but it really depends on driving conditions. If you are driving over a lot of pot holes or bad roads they may wear sooner. I was well into the 100,000 mile range before I replaced mine. It's good to get a second opinion. Here's an article that you can read as well. Find a certified female friendly shop at Good luck. Lori Johnson

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