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A few days ago I noticed my oil pressure was getting would start up at about 70 psi and ride at almost 80 psi no matter how fast or slow I was driving....80 is the Max so I was a little worried. I took it to a local Mobil 1 lube...they changed my oil filter but my pressure is still high! I have no lights that come on to tell me something is wrong and I truck seems to drive and run just fine so I am very unsure....can u help me with any ideas please!!

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Kim, Thank You for writing into AskPatty!! By your description, you may be looking at a a possible gauge or transducer failure. High oil pressure could be indicative of a restriction by particles in the oil pick up screen off your oil pump, I would have a technician rule out all possibilities BEFORE a pick-up screen inspection. Hope this Helps!! A. J. Valle

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Kim, At first I agreed with you that this might indicate a something was wrong, but after discussing with our technicians, they concluded that there was o real reason for concern. "You may need a new oil pressure sending unit. The proper way to determine this is to perform a oil pressure test with a mechanical gauge. However, if by the slim chance your oil pressure is too high, that would likely be caused by a jammed up pressure relief valve on the oil pump itself ( not a likely scenario)". I hope this helps! Thanks for your question.

Kerri Papajohn, Marketing Director at USA Sealants, Inc. It could be either a bad code from a malfunctioning gauge or from the oil pressure transmitter or most likely there is a lodged relief valve on the oil pump.

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