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I have a 2007 Ford Expedition an it has a little over 50,000 miles on it. I keep up with all of the manufacturers recommendations on maintenance however I am getting conflicting advice from 3 different service stations, one being the dealership, about what REALLY needs to be done at 50,000 miles. Since they are using synthetic products is there really a need to do all of the "flushes"? One place said I could wait until 110,000 miles. What is the best thing for my vehicle to keep it running it is best. Also, how often should I be changing my air filter and fuel filter? I rotate the tires every other oil change. Any other advice for me?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Rachel, Thank You for writing into AskPatty!! To address your question, in your owners manual you should have the recommended intervals of repairs. If you no longer have your owners manual you should have access to a free brochure at your local dealership. Using synthetic is more "healthier" than a conventional oil, and 50k miles may be low enough miles not to need an engine oil flush. Air filters may need to be replaced as often as every other oil change, depending on how often you drive and the air quality. Always, request to see your air filter when recommended to replace it. You may can save money by replacing it yourself, or having your local auto parts store do so for you. Depending on what type of transmission fluid you run, many require a flush at 100k miles. Hope this helps!! A. J. Valle

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Rachel, First of all, I want to congratulate you on keeping up with your vehicle's regular maintenance AND questioning the advice you're receiving. The first source should be your owner's manual and what your manufacturer recommends. You should also keep in mind how you drive and what conditions you drive under. If you are in a high-stress area- lots of stop and go traffic, extreme weather flucuations, you should probably tweak the recommendations accordingly. 1. We usually recommend replacing your Air Filter every 1 year or 15,000 Miles, but that would depend on your driving style and environment. 2. As far as performing Synthetic Fluid Services, we recommend performing them every 20,000-30,000 Miles, again depending on your driving style and environment. 2. In regards to the Engine Oil, you can change it every 5,000 Miles when using Synthetic Oil. 3. With the fuel Filter, we recommend replacing it every 30,000 miles. Along with replacing the Air Filter and Fuel Filter, it would be a good idea to perform a BG Air/Fuel Induction Service to optimize your Fuel Economy. Please try to find a trusted technician - have you searched your area using the AskPatty directory? As you have found out, sometimes this information is subjective. Finding a tech you trust and who knows about you, your driving conditions and your car, will give you the best results! Good luck and thanks for this awesome question!

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Rachel, Look in your owner's manual in the maintenance section. You should find all your answers there pertaining to when fluids need to be changed and filters replaced. Go by this, since it is from the factory. Lori Johnson

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