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I have a Subaru that was in an accident June 2010. The right front end of the car was hit. They replaced body parts, radiator, air conditioner & heater, electrical abs pump chassy manual trans, air induct, resonator, steering gear & linkage etc. Total cost of repairs was $6022.86. The check engine light has been on since the accident. We took it to the dealer and they said that the air pump was bad. They replaced. The next day the check engine light comes back on. We take it back and the replace the relay to the air pump. The next day the check engine light comes back on. Now they are telling us that 2 valves our stuck. We asked if this could have been caused by the accident and missed. They said that it would not have been caused by the accident. The insurance company said they would pay if it was related to the accident. Since the dealership would not say that it was related to the accident and we could not pay for that repair. They discounted the air pump and relay so they would not get damaged. My question is the air pump is only for cold starts. I would think with it discounted I should not be able to start the car. What type of damage will happen if we drive the car without connecting the air pump and getting the valves fixed. The car runs great otherwise. This car is turbo charge.

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Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Cynthia, Sorry about your accident. Glad you were driving a solid car! The air pumps only purpose is to inject fresh air into the exhaust system for the first 1 minute of operation, when cold. It helps bun off the excess fuel in the exhaust by the cold engine enrichment that must take place for a cold engine to run (choke). Disabling the pump will not damage anything however it will prevent the car from being emission tested due to the evap code it sets. Sounds like the dealer was throwing parts at your car and did not diagnose the problem. Take your car somewhere else !! Good Luck! Judy Curry Curry's Auto Service

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