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My windshield wipers are stopping in a up position when turned off. One wiper I feel needs tightening due to it going completely off the windshield when turned on..please help!

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Colleen McGee, Driving Instructor at Americas Driving School hello Denika You might try unbolting/screwing the wipers from the motor then re- bolting them see if that solves the problem. You also might have burned out part of the motor especially if there was a lot of ice on them when this started happening. Good luck! Colleen

Georgia Brown, Director of Education at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) You might just take it to an auto supply store like AutoZone or whatever is in your neighborhood and ask them. If it is minor, they may sell you the part and tell you how to fix or fix it for you in the parking lot!! Georgia Brown NIADA

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Denika, Thank You for writing into AskPatty!! Your concern about your wiper blades being misaligned, or stopping in the wrong position may be due to the wiper motor gear. Typically, you can remove the wiper arm and locate at the pivot point. You may have "skipped" a few gear teeth for this to have happened. At times, if the wipers are turned on if they are frozen to the windshield this can cause them to slip a few gear teeth. Below is a great step-by-step from eHow. I hope this helps!! A. J. Valle ------------------------------------------------------ How to Adjust Windshield Wipers 1 Place the keys in the ignition, turn the keys to accessory mode (key-on/engine off), and make sure the wiper motor switch is in the off position. Turn the ignition switch to the off position and remove the keys. The wiper arms are now in their parked position, although may not be properly aligned. 2 Access the bottom of the compromised wiper blade arm. You may have to open the hood or remove the wiper arm cowling (refer to the owners manual for the removal of the cowling on your specific vehicle if required). 3 Locate the retaining nut at the bottom of the wiper arm assembly. Some models will have a protective plastic cap covering the nut. Other vehicles may have a hinged cover that is part of the wiper arm itself. Pry the cap off with a straight-edge screwdriver or unsnap the hinged cover by prying it up from the bottom of the wiper arm with the screwdriver to reveal the retaining nut. 4 Hold the wiper arm stable with one hand and remove the nut with the ratchet and a socket with the other. 5 Wiggle the wiper arm gently with one hand while gently prying the base of the arm off of the splined wiper arm stud. The stud has small splines that hold the wiper arm in the correct position unless otherwise compromised. The wiper arm will feel secured to the stud, but the combination of wiggling (gently) and prying with the screwdriver will work to remove the arm. 6 Place the wiper arm back onto the splined wiper arm stud by positioning it in the off position. Some vehicles may have a wiper arm stop that the arm rests against in the off position. If so, make sure the wiper arm is resting against the wiper arm stop when replacing it on the stud. 7 Replace the retaining nut and tighten with the ratchet and socket. Repeat this procedure for the other wiper arm if desired. 8 Use two sets of pliers to bend the wiper arm back into position if the wiper arm has been bent. Hold the wiper arm with one set of pliers to anchor it and use the other set to bend it so the wiper is perpendicular to the windshield. If the arm is bent too badly, replacing the wiper arm may be a more viable option. 9 Inspect the wiper blades. Check them for tears in the rubber blade, dry cracking, or flimsiness. Replace the wiper blades if necessary. Read more: How to Adjust Windshield Wipers |

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Yikes! I hate when that happens!Depending on what kind of car this is, it could be something as simple as tightening the Nuts/Bolts where the Wiper Arm Pivots, or it could need a new Wiper Motor. Hope all you need is a quick adjustment! Good luck and thanks for your question! Judy Curry Curry's Auto Service

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