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My car has an automatic habit of switching on its indicators for no reason at all, when I am driving it or to park it, even when driving it the indicator will show a left signal and other times a right turn signal with out my command, I have had the indicator solenoid replace by my mechanic, but to no avail still, my key ( fob) does work okay, and nothing else explains why this is happening, its become this way for the past two months now, I don't want to have to pay out money every time I have mechanics or eletricians looking into this problem, please help me if there is an answer for this unexplain situation going on here. Many thanks for any answers to this mystery ?.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Toni, Thank you for writing into AskPatty!! I read that you had the indicator solenoid replaced, but did you have the actual turn signal lever replaced? You may have a broken connection (or simply dirty electrical connections) from the turn signal to the solenoid. At times, the indicator selector switch can be removed from the column and the contacts can be cleaned with a spray safe for electrical connections. This problem may sometimes occur on vehicles with higher mileage and heavy use. I Hope this helps lead you in a more solid and cost effective direction!! Please write back to AskPatty if you have any further questions on this, or any other issue A.J. Valle

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Toni, We would honestly just replace the switch. We're guessing that the most likely cause of this condition would be a failing turn signal ( multifunction) switch. A small piece of metal could have broken off in the switch causing the connection to be made. It would make either the left or right signals work whenever they want. My money is on a failing switch! Best of Luck and thanks for giving us a chance to help out! Curry's Team

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