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Ticking noise from engine when turn off. Does not always happen just sometimes. Thank you in advance

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Sylvia, Thank You for writing into AskPatty!! Typically if you are hearing "ticking" noises after the engine is off, you more then likely are experiencing engine and exaust components that heat up on a normal drive cooling and flexing. Heat will expand metal and when you turn off your engine you begin the cool down process which can cause some reverberation. A. J. Valle

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service Sylvia, Of course I am going to suggest you take it in to have it looked at! The good news is that it most likely is not a safety issue if there are no other symptoms. It may just be the heat shield that surrounds the exhaust system - under normal circumstances, the metal can sometimes make a ticking sound as it cools. Please have a technician check it out to make sure. Judy

Kerri Papajohn, Marketing Director at USA Sealants, Inc. Hi, the ticking is the engine cooling down or also referenced as heat dissipation. Longer drive times can amplify the "ticking".

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