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What is a reasonable amount of time to change the front passenger brake caliper,brake pads and brake line?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Hilde, Thank You for writing into AskPatty, these items are have a variable based upon mileage and wear and tear. Front Pads typically are replaced around 50k-60k miless. Again, this is can be dramatically different based upon the drivers pattern of brake application i.e. Hard Brakeing, Stop and Go Traffic, and such. Brakelines and calipers should be replaced if they are malfunctioning, or your brake pedal begins to feel "spongy". Hope this helps. A. J.

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd You don't need to ever change the brake lines of a vehicle unless they get rusty - ready to break, or are damaged and ready to break or are broken. You only need to replace the calipers if they get stuck / quit working. You should replace the brake pads and rotors when they wear out. This will be a different amount of time for each driver. If you are a heavy brake user - you would wear them out faster. FYI - your vehicle stops by the brake pads being squeezed on the rotors of the braking system. This creates friction (and wears out the pads and rotors a little bit each time you press your foot on the brake pedal. I have seen folks wear out their front pads and rotors in 10,000 miles, I've seen other folks take 3 yrs and 25,000 to wear out their brakes.

Kerri Papajohn, Marketing Director at USA Sealants, Inc. I would need to know the year and model to give you an exact time. However, if you are comparing "actual time" to what you have been quoted in your shop then here is a tip - a majority of the shops use a guidebook (or labor book) for referencing job quotes on their service work. For example, if it usually takes an hour just for the brake pads and this book says 2 hours and 30 minutes then you will be charged for the latter.

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Hilde, It depends on the vehicle. Shops use a book that lists times for all makes and models and then charges you their hourly rate for that time. If you feel the time, ie... labor is too much, you can call around to a shop with a cheaper hourly rate. I would also question why they are replacing the caliper and brake line..unless there was an accident or the vehicle sat for a long time and the caliper seized, these are not usually regularly replaced items. Lori Johnson

Pat Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions at Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair Barring no other problems, the front items you requested to replace would be approx. 1.3 hours. Keep in mind, most will have to call out for the parts too...this is not included. Time is the actual from start to finish with NO problems or interruptions.

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