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I have a 1998 Dodge Ram that my husband recently replaced the battery and cables due to starting issues. The truck started fine for awhile but does not want to start again. We found that the new cables were not tightened enough. Hubby tightened them and got the truck running but it has been sitting for three days (had snow and did not go any where)and will not start. It only clicks when the key is turned. My question is: Could the loose cables drain the new battery? And can the battery drain while just sitting and not running? Thank you for your thoughts and input on this.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Suzanne, Thank You for writing into AskPatty! Yes, a known loose battery cable can be cause of your battery receiving a charge from the alternator. This can/will run the battery down, and at times killa cell. Draining the battery once can cause small harm, repeativley however can cause this new battery to need a replacement. Run your battery down a few times by poor connections,and you can fault the battery to the point of replacement. Auto batteries are designed to be kept charged and are not designed to be run down and recharged like many deep cell marine battery applications. Hope this brings you some clarification! Thank You again for writing into AskPatty A. J. Pierce

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