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What do you think the problem could be? car runs great at high speed but sometimes when I am coming to a stop or going real slow, it will die on me. I have taken it to a mechanic but he could find nothing wrong. it never died on him. I do not feel safe driving it because I never know when it will stall. it is a 1997 laredo. any thoughts would be very much appreciated. thank you. donna

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Donna, Idle air control modules have a tendency to exuberate these behaviors. Excess carbon can build up on the head causes these issues. You can locate, remove, and clean the head to observe if this resolves your issue for starters. Feel free to write back for further advice after you have done this, so we can see if there are results are more advice is needed.

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Donna-I suspect the problem may be a bad IAC (Idle air control) valve. Intermittent failure of this unit will not always cause a code to set or the MIL (malfunction indicator or "check engine" light) to come on. Replacement is not difficult (two screws and a wire connector). Hope this helps ; thanks Super Girls Auto.

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