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Had a company come out to change my tire and the lug nuts where either not on or to tight and the wheel fell off and the car ended up on its drum, what needs to be done next and what steps should be taken next.

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Audra Fordin, Owner at Great Bear Auto Shop Oh my! Lacresha, That sounds ,very scary. I'm assuming no one was hurt, and you were able to keep control of the car, thankfully. The next step is to call to the company that changed the tire and let them know what happened. Your car must be brought to a shop, put on a lift and checked to make sure there is no damage. Hopefully, everything checks out ok with the car, and only a scare for you. Mechanically yours, Audra

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Lacresha, I would contact the company who did the work. They should do any repairs necessary to fix your vehicle. If anyone was hurt in the process you may need to contact a lawyer. Make sure you hold on to your paperwork for having the wheel changed. Lori Johnson

Pat Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions at Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair The vehicle should be towed to a shop and inspected. At that time they can check all the wheels. They need to make sure all the lug nuts are on correctly and that the lug nuts have been installed with a Torque wrench...All four wheels should be inspected and then advise the client of needed repairs. Sounds like the wheel studs and nuts for sure on the wheel that came off need to be replaced. It's possible the "drum" was damaged... Your most Precious Cargo are your passengers & yourself! You have an investment & precautions need to be made, their was a good reason for the nuts and tire fall off!

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