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Hi Patty my car is smoking from the back of the engine block. What could it be? I have 261,000 miles and have had the valve cover gasket replaced twice within the 10 years I have had the car.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Vivian, Your engine may be leaking oil down the back side of the rear main seal, and burning off the exhaust manifolds. You may need to take a look at your brake and power steering reservoir to insure the level is correct, and not leaking out of a hose

Audra Fordin, Owner at Great Bear Auto Shop Hi Vivian, From your experience, you know that the valve cover gasket leaks motor oil on to the hot exhaust which will burn off, making smoke from the back of the engine block. Perhaps you have another leak coming from the gasket. Or you have another fluid leaking back there, making the smoke. With out looking, it is not possible to tell you the cause. If you can not see the leak yourself, check out the auto shops on the site. Ifs possible your car will need to be raised up on a life to pinpoint the leak. Mechanically yours, Audra www.women auto

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube Visit a mechanic to determine where the leak is coming from

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Hello Vivian- I would say at 261k you have gotten a tremendous amount of life out of that engine it has far exceeded the service life of any non-diesel Chrysler engine - it is probably time for an new or rebuilt engine - hope this helps; thanks Super Girls Auto.

Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Vivian, If the engine is smoking from the back it either has a leak or something is leaking onto the hot engine and burning. It*s possible that your valve cover is leaking. I usually replace my gasket every time I replace the plugs...which is about every 60,000 miles. Because that rubber is subjected to high heat it can go bad and cause leaking. Have a technician diagnose your problem so that you don*t have a bigger problem down the road. Lori Johnson

Pat Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions at Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair Normally, smoking issue is an oil leak. Most common is the valve cover or intake manifold. Recommend having a technician inspect the issue and give an estimate for the work needing done. This has alot of miles, and depending on the outcome of the cost to repair, you may have to way whether or not you*ve got your monies worth out of your investment?

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