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Problem #1: My A/C blows air but it is not cold. Question #1: I need to know if I can buy a coolant and just pour it in some place? A guy friend suggested that could be a simple solution. Says that since I have a newer vehicle, "charging" my A/C will not be necessary. Unfortunately, I don not know where to put the coolant, if that is the solution. Question #2: Is there a chance that the mechanics who fixed my heater this winter, let the coolant out or somehow messed up my A/C? I lived in FL until early 2009, my A/C worked wonderfully. After moving to MT, I realized my heater did not work. So, I took it to the local Nissan dealership. Don't trust them for other reasons I won't go into, but did not feel I had a choice. It could have been covered by my warranty. I am savvy enough to follow illustrations/instructions on where to put the coolant, if that is all it takes. My manual has the kind of coolant needed HFC-134a (R-134a) but I have located, w/the help of a guy friend three different potential locations for the coolant. PLEASE HELP! Problem #2: The low air pressure sensor light is ALWAYS on. Sometime during winter, I had it reset by the local Nissan dealership's service dept for $42. It came back on the next day and when I questioned the service dept guy, he told me I had to wait until the weather was warmer, above 70 for a while, then get it reset. What the??? So, he was willing to take my $$$ although he knew it would not fix the problem. And I am supposed to believe that all Nissan Pathfinders that are owned in colder regions have this issue?? What is up w/ this? What can I do? Any suggestions? Kimberly

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Kim, Advise to Issue #1 The "coolant" that you speak of in the A/C system is a gas. This gas in the system is called freon, formerly (R-12) now used as (R-134a). This is suggested to be performed by a certified mechanic. You can have a florescent dye used in your system to check for leaks. It should run for a few days and then be inspected with a black light so that leaks can be detected. Also have the major components of the A/C checked. Many times you just need a little refrigerant added. Advise to Issue #2 Your low pressure tire sensor is extremely sensitive, this light can be set by a few lbs. off manufacturers recommendation. These perimeters are set to sensor to assist the chronic bad tire wear often seen from improper inflation. This can be more sensitive in colder regions due to the expansion and constriction of molecules in such temperatures. Keep a gauge in your glove box, (digital are great and easy to use) Note your recommended PSI and check your tire pressure once a week if you have trouble keeping the light on. $42 seems a bit extreme ,in my opinion, to turn your tire pressure light off, considering if you have the proper PSI it will turn off automatically with out an "external computer reset device."

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube First your car is equipped with a TPMS monitor on each wheel. It is to warn you when your tire is 25% or more below Recommended tire pressure. Sensors can go bad. Check your tire pressure to see if any are low especially the one that had the monitor repaired. Of you have a low tire inflate it to pressure found on door or owners manual then drive for 30 minutes to see if light is still on. If it is you may have a bad sensor and most tire places can replace a bad sensor price range $75.00 to &125.00. If the light goes off only to come back in future you may have a tire that is loosing air. As for refrigerant there are special fittings on the car for installation. To little or too much will cause the system to operate poorly.

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Hello Kimberly, First, 134A cannot be poured into a system. It comes in a pressurized can, and you will need a charge hose, or you can buy a recharge can with the charge hose already attached. The charge hose MUST be connected to the low, or suction side of the air conditioning system. Most vehicles have two different sized "ports" on the A/C system, but it is wise to verify you are charging on the suction side. Connecting a can of refrigerant to the high side may cause the can or charge hose to explode, not a desirable thing. It's best to have a technician do this service. Second, If the repair to the heater system involved removing the heater box,(located behind the dashboard) the air conditioning evaporator may have had to be disconnected, and if that was the case, if new o-rings were not installed,or the technician was careless, the refrigerant may leak. Third, I am assuming you are referring to the tire pressure warning light. That problem is often caused by a bad sensor on one of the wheels. Although all of the Pathfinders we have repaired or sold were older models which did not have a pressure warning system, I highly doubt driving the vehicle in a colder climate would cause such a problem. I believe the service writer/technician either did not know how to, or did not want to repair the problem. Hope this helps- thanks Super Girls Auto.

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Kimberly, The coolant system and the A/C system are completely separate. Coolant is for maintaining proper temperature for engine performance. Unless you are having a problem with your engine running extremely hot, this will not affect your A/C system. Your A/C system does take a refrigerant known as R-134a, but you need to be lisenced to purchase it. I do not recommend doing any A/C repairs unless you are a qualified technician. As for your tire pressure monitor, the air pressure does vary with temperature. I recommend setting your tire pressure after the vehicle has been sitting for a while (first thing in the morning). You can find the correct psi in your owner*s manual or on a sticker inside the driver*s door. Then, drive the vehicle for about ten minutes. If the light does not go out, you may have a damaged monitor. Suzanne

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