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I just purchased a new Jeep and had a horrible experience!! Here is what happened. We went back and forth for 4 or 5 hours. We finally agreed on a price of $27,995. Well, when we went to sign the paperwork, there was a $2,000 bank fee attached to it because our credit was bad.Which made it $29,995 plus all the other charges. We are trying to build up our credit so we had to put a large amount down. We put down $10,800. Anyway, we get a call 3 weeks later from a repossession company saying that they were supposed to pick it up. We called the dealer and they said the bank turned us down and we needed to put another $5,000 down and go with another bank. So we did. We get a call several weeks later from the repossession company again saying they had an order to pick it up. We called the dealer and they said we had to go with another bank. So we had to put another $5000 down and go with another bank. Same thing, we get a call a few days later saying that we needed to pay the car off or turn it back in. Needless to say, the day after we got it we put several thousand dollars into new tires and rims. So, we told the dealership we were going to try to go with a personal bank and see what we could do. They said if we were not in there in an hour, they would report it stolen. So we were scared and went to the bank and picked up a cashiers check for almost 10 grand. When we got to the dealership the $2000 bank fee they started off with, they now said it was for a lift kit that they put on the Jeep. and the price was $29,995 plus the other charges.. We paid more for cash that if we had financed it. Then to top it all off, we called the last bank and asked whey we were turned down. They said they did not, that they would have been stupid for turning that loan down with the amount we put down. That the dealership backed out of it.. I know this is long and complicated, what should I do????? Thanks in advance!!

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Patricia Algier , Owner at Valley Dealer Exchange Inc Dear Shirley, Your Story is a difficult and you were totally violated! If you bought the car in California here are the laws... It is illegal for a dealer to charge you a bank fee for bad credit. The dealer has an option not to sell you the car, refund your down payment and ask you to return the car if the bank fee is too high for them to pay, However, They cannot sell it for more that the lowest advertised price. Also if they were unable to get you financing on the first deal they are required by law to to send you a certified 10 day notice to request you to return the car because financing was unavailable, but they are also required to return your entire down payment. Now it seems you have paid cash for the car and in no way should you pay the bank fee. The lowest advertised price at the time of sale plus tax and license is all they cal legally charge you. What to do now... Contact a DMW investigator at your local DMV and file a complaint, File a complaint with consumer affairs, File a complaint with Federal trade commission as they have violated laws with all those agencies. If the Dealer still will not honor the cash price of your car and give you a paid invoice with the title to your Jeep then file a lawsuit. You have more power as a consumer than you know. Dealers like that make a bad name for us honest ones... Good Luck Patti

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) I hope you kept all the paperwork you signed during this ordeal. You need to contact an attorney, Chrysler Corporation and your State Attorney General to register a complaint against this dealership. You should also contact each of the banks they told you were contacted and find out if they actually turned down your loan. There is rarely a fee for "bad credit" it normally results in a higher interest rate over the term of the loan. This appears to verge on fraud and in hind sight you should have turned the vehicle back on the first request and went to a reputable dealer. I don*t know how much you can get re-compensated it will depend on how much proof you have and how they can resolve your issues. Start out with Chrysler Corporation and ask if they still have the 30 day return policy they were advertising.

Anne Harlow, Regional Manager at, Inc. Shirley: I*m sorry to hear that this dealership was not communicating with you more effectively. Have you spoken directly with the General Manager or Dealer Principle? This should be escalated beyond the sales person, F&I manager and sales manager. Go directly to the top first to try to negotiate and if that fails, I would suggest that you contact an attorney to work through the legalities of this issue. Good Luck! Anne

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