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NO PROBLEMS - LOVE THIS VEHICLE!Just want some advice: Original owner, *98 4Runner, 4WD, 4 cylinder, 111,000 miles, Very clean, serviced regularly at dealer for first 10 years, now looking elsewhere (felt I was getting ripped off at dealer - too expensive, and charging for things I didn*t think I needed) - still have original clutch, original brakes. New tires. New exhaust system (catalytic converter stolen:-(). Went for an oil change last week - told I needed 105,000 service for $150 - DONE. I was also given an estimate for the following and want to see if these recommendations sound reasonable (or if I*m getting ripped off): "front break pads are at 2mm - recommend replace front brake pads and machine brake rotors est. $331; brake fluid is dirty - should perform brake fluid exchange estimate $86; drive belts are cracked - should replace x3 drive belts est. $135; power steering fluid is discolored-dirty- should flush power steering fluid est. $91." Just didn*t want to fork out $800 when I only went in for an oil change, and ended up spending $150. Thank you!

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Della, On February 13th we answered your question and sent back a response to I have sent the answers again and they are also on the Ask Patty website. If you still didn*t get them, please e-mail me directly so that I can get you the answers. Thanks, Lori Johnson

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