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My daughter was stopped at a red light, when the light turned green her tires squealed as she went forward.What caused this to happen? It had also been raining so the road was wet. Thanks

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd If a tire squeals it has lost it*s grip on the road. This can happen for a number of reasons: -The tires may have the incorrect pressure -There could be the incorrect sized tire on the vehicle. -The tires could be wearing out. -The vehicle made need an alignment. -If the road is wet and the tires had enough tread on them, it shouldn*t have made a difference. But if her tire tread it worn out, it may have caused the squeal. You should check the tire tread of her car to make sure they are safe. Tires can also squeal if you take a turn with too much speed or if braking or accelerating too hard.

Miriam Schottland, CEO at Drivelab Hi Sandra, There are several answers to your question about squealing tires. Tires make noise when the driver is either working them either at their maximum capacity, (they squeal) or they are about to go past their maximum capacity and start to spin,(they squall), in which case they will lose traction and the vehicle could possibly skid. This is caused by too much gas and the tires cannot take such a sudden burst of energy and will start to spin. In fact the squall will not a very pleasant sound. " When they "squeal, you can also hear a very subtle vibration to the squeal. This means they are working at their maximum and just about to give way.The driver is in danger of losing control. However only a very skilled driver can tell the differsnce, therefore a driver should be very gentle when applying the gas pedal, especially in wet weather. Cars do not like surprises and hearing the tires make a noise could possibly be a sign that they are losing traction. Hope this helps!

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Sandra, It may have been a combination of wet roads and loss of traction with excess torque from the accelerator pedal. She may have hit the accelerator pedal too hard and broke traction. No need to be alarmed just have a more cautious approach in wet conditions.

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