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What is better a Honda pilot or Toyota 4runner?

Answers from the Automotive Experts

Patricia Algier , Owner at Valley Dealer Exchange Inc Dear Monica, They are both comparable vehicles. Both about the same size and application.Both great dependable SUV's. The Pilot seems a bit roomier inside for passengers. What ever you can get a better deal on. In the past the Pilots have also been a little cheaper in comparison but it also depends on what area you live in. Patti

Brandy Schaffels, Editor at, Inc. This is too broad a question to be answered fairly. Need to have more information about your specific needs: how do you plan to drive the car? What features are you looking for? When comparing cars, you need to consider your own needs and how well either vehicle will meet those needs with the features you want at the price you can afford.

Breanne Boyle, Contributing Editor at Monica, Actually they are both good options. Honda and Toyota are both very reliable brands and make great vehicles. I happen to own an Acura and so I am probably partial to Hondas. Here is some info on both: Because they are both fairly comparable, I would read about each one*s features and then test drive each and see how you like handling them. One will probably stand out to you, but really you can*t go wrong here.

Georgia Brown, Director of Education at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Monica, I just received your query so you probably have already made a decision. I always refer consumers to Consumer Reports or a similar source to compare for safety, price and dependability. At this point, since the Toyota recalls, you might want to consider resale value as well. When someone asks me which is better, I usually reply, although it sounds a bit female, I suppose...which one "feels" better. If all things are will probably feel more like you than the other one. Choose that one! Georgia Brown Education Director NIADA

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