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How often should you rotate your tires?

Answers from the Automotive Experts

Denise Koeth, Managing Editor at Tire Review Magazine Most manufacturers recommend rotating tires anywhere between every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Your vehicle*s owners manual will give an exact amount. To help remind yourself to do this on a regular basis, it*s a good idea to time it with oil changes - get a rotation every other oil change, for example. Also, periodically check the condition of your tires. If you see they are wearing unevenly, you should be getting them rotated more often.

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jen, Great rule of thumb on tire rotations should be every other oil change or every 7500k miles. Tire balances should be performed every 30k miles to maintain integrity of tire tread.

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube Between 6,000 and 7,500 miles

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service I'd recommend every other oil change ( about every 6,000 miles or 6months). check your tires to see if you notice a little wear. Usually on the outer most tread blocks on the tire. If they are rotated properly you shouldn�t notice anything! Proper wheel alignment will aid in getting the most out of your tires.

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Hello Jen- it varies by the tire manufacture - but a good rule of thumb is to rotate them every 5,000-10,000 miles- as your vehicle is a rear drive car you may want to check your owners manual for your vehicle - or check with a Nissan dealership for additional information- hope this helps- thanks Super Girls Auto.

Pat Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions at Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair Jen, Tire rotation is an important maintenance duty that extends the life of your tires and ensures safe driving. First we always suggest you refer to your owners manual, then let*s look at the climate you live in, your driving habits, etc. Rule of thumb for most, timely oil changes lends itself to have the tires rotated at the same time or every other time. All are a bit different, but keep in mind your front and rear tires wear differently. Please refer to the article I*ve included that will give you some more insight. You have a high performance car, which means your tires definitely will wear differently, as you probably have already found out. Profoundly take this to heart and the Safety of yourself & whom ride with you, "Where the Rubber meets the Road!" Also, this video could be helpful! ARTICLE SUGGESTED:

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Jen Olesky, I usually recommend rotating your tires every other oil change (every 10,000 miles, give or take). This should extend the life of each tire to its' fullest. Suzanne

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