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Hi, I am at a loss. I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. In June 2009 My car started to over heat and steam started coming from the hood, looked like anti-freeze was on the ground. I had the car towed to a local garage. They replace the Radiator, Thermostat. Therm Housing Gasket, Cool Rapid Flush, Dex-cool Coolant. The following day I notice that the thermometer needle on the dash board was raising towards hot and I could hear the radiator bubbling. I took it back and they said it might be the gasket. ( I do not know why they did not figure this out when they had the car)? I got upset and took my car home parked until I had enough money to cover the cost of more repairs. On 7/27/09 I took my Jeep to another local mechanic to get it diagnose and asked them if they could check my gasket, they did and said it was ok. They replaced the water pump, thermostat, thermostat gasket, water outlet, serpentine belt, antifreeze. My car ran fine until I drove it to NY from Massachusetts on 9/25/09. When I arrived in NY I parked my car at a bank and from the window of the bank I could see smoke and steam coming from the hood. There was antifreeze splattered over the ground and on the car parked next to my jeep. The owner of that car was a women who was yelling at me because black liquid she thought was oil splattered on her white car. I called the garage who replace the new radiator and he told me to get the Jeep back to him. I could not afford to tow it and he was not offering. Triple A Auto Tow took my Jeep to a 24 hr auto garage in NY who diagnose my Jeep and told me that the radiator blew. They replaced it with a new radiator. Oct 21,2009 the weather started getting cold and I notice my heat in the Jeep was blowing only cold air. I took the Jeep back to the same garage who repaired the water pump and Thermostat. They repaired the Vacuum leak to the heater and flush the heater and filled the radiator with more antifreeze. On 11/18/09 I started my car and heard a very loud sharp noise coming from the hood. I let it heat up until it stopped. (5min) as I drove off my steering wheel became hard to turn and made a loud squeaking noise. I called the same mechanic who did the last two repairs and they replace my alternator and belt. 12/30/08 I was diving my car and my mother who was in the car with me noticed a smell of oil. She saw smoke coming from the hood. I pulled over and popped the hood and saw smoke coming from my alternator. I have called triple A because I am a member and the Auto Garage I took my car to is affiliated with Triple A. I explained to Customer Relations everything I am writing to you about what has happened over the last five Months. He asked me to fax all my receipts and write everything down that has happen to my Jeep. After he reviewed everything I got a called back today 1/6/2010 from the same gentleman who works in Customer Relations telling me to bring the Jeep back to that same garage who has been working on it because they are very good at what they do and they are trustworthy. I explained how they charged twice for a serpentine belt and thermostat and he replied well maybe it got wet from the anti-freeze. It is not their fault if that is what happened. I have spent over a thousand dollars and I do not have a car to drive. I need some advice. Please help! Sincerely, Corrine Davis

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Corrine, My opinion is to research your engine cast # identifying your cylinder heads. Jeep has a publicized issue due to poor cast cylinder heads. You may need to have a pressure test on your cooling system in relation to this mechanical default, this may assist in sure diagnosis to the "source" of failure. You may be able to contact Jeep Chrysler about your financial issue. Unresolved repair, for further advice with copies of your receipts. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube Get a second opinion before spending anymore money preferably the dealer or a good mechanic Make sure they give you a proper diaganosis

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Hello Corrine- Unfortunately, you did not state which engine this vehicle is equipped with, and whether this is a Cherokee or Grand Cherokee. If the vehicle is equipped with the 6 cylinder engine, it is an extremely reliable unit with few problems, and a well proven design dating to 1965 so I seriously doubt the vehicle has a head gasket issue, as I have never had to replace one in 37 years of auto repair. However, should it be a Grand Cherokee equipped with the 4.7 v-8 engine they are notorious for head gasket failure (causing loss of coolant issues)as well as cylinder head problems. I would advise finding a competent mechanic who is familiar with, or specializes in Jeep vehicles and present the vehicle to them for diagnosis along with the entire history of the problems you have experienced and the repairs performed. Hope this helps, thanks; Super Girls Auto.

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