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Hi, I have a 2001 Z3 coupe(hardtop/rare) that I need to sell. I want to put signs in the windows (it gets many comments, so I figured that is my best advertising). Thing is, I'm a single woman who lives alone. A couple things I thought I should consider: I do not want my personal phone number on the signs (might get freaks calling who see me driving). So I was thinking my work number, but was going to look into getting a temporary number if that is possible. Also, to show it, since I live alone with house/garage, if someone wants to see it, I figured meet them in a public parking lot like a grocery? (so above freaks do not know where I live). I wanted to get your advice too, for letting them test drive. Do I just ride with them in the passenger seat, and hope for the best? Is there anything else you would recommend? THANKS! Jill

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Patricia Algier , Owner at Valley Dealer Exchange Inc Dear Jill Safety First!! I would not recomend going on a test drive with a man alone but with a 2 seater you may not have a choice.Som Ideas are keep his car keys while he goes (if his car is worth more...) Also make sure the car he is driving is not a rental check the plate frames or look for stickers or check the key tag. Write his drivers license number and cell phone number down call the cell phone before he leaves to make sure its a real number. Then keep your fingers crossed. Most people in this world are trust worth better to replace the car then you! As far as advertisement I would try Craiglist its free or or Auto I would not post a sign with your phone number if you are driving it tou will get a serious person from an add because they are looking for a car not seeing the girl driving it!! Also see try putting it on consingment at a local dealer that is safe and hassle free. Patti

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) 1. Never go alone, ask a friend to go to any meeting with you 2. You can get a prepaid cell phone with a different number to use just for this purpose 3. Be sure you get everything in writing 4. Ask to see Driver's License and insurance info before letting anyone drive your car 5. If you do sell the vehicle be sure you have cash in hand before turning over any keys car or paperwork. 6. If they pay with a check, call their bank to be certain it will clear and take it to their bank and cash it before turning anything over. 7. Never get in a car alone with a stranger, ask your friend to go along, never let them take your car unaccompanied, you may never see it again. 8. Have the buyer sign a statement that they bought the vehicle "As Is with no warranty expressed or implied" to protect yourself from any issues after the sale. Good Luck.

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Jill, Your wise to give a separate phone number (tracphone) and to meet for a test drive at a public place. My recommendation for test drives with strangers is to have a male friend with you when you set up a meetings. It pains me to advise that you need a male to help you... but for safety sake don't take any chances. Before you agree to meet a potential buyer for a test drive, make sure the cost of your vehicle is within their budget. If they can�t afford it, then don�t waste your time setting up a time. Be honest and forthright, but don�t dicker on the phone. The buyer needs to come and see what you are talking about before the selling begins. When scheduling a test drive, treat this as a job and give them two different choices: �I can show you the car 4:30 pm on Friday or 10:00 am on Saturday; which time is better for you?� Take notes and get a phone number to call back in case something comes up. This may also help you call back the person you liked the most with a lower price if you get desperate. If once you meet the potential buyer and your little voice is yelling at you to end the deal before it even starts... there is no law that says you have to let them drive your car. Any excuse is better than regretting later that you didn't listen. Write down the potential buyer�s driver�s license number and name before the test drive to make sure it�s current. If you agree to sell them your car, firm up the deal by setting a time limit for getting paid and picking up the vehicle. Don�t release the vehicle, the title or the keys until the car has been paid for in full. Recommend that the buyer gets a bank check. This is guaranteed by the bank and you can release the vehicle that day. Cash is the easiest and most secure way to go when possible. A way to avoid selling the vehicle to a total stranger is to ask everyone you know if they know someone who looking for a 2001 Z3 coupe. To give them incentive to find you a buyer, offer them a �bird dog fee� ($50.00 - to $100.00) if they send you a qualified buyer who completes the deal.

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