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White car, lots of glare through windshield even while wearing polarized sunglasses. Any advise re: auto window tinting greatly appreciated.

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Debbie Lee, President at Professional Car Care RSS, any tint on front windshield is illegal but that does not stop many people they still tint. Just want you to be aware of that fact. You can wax the inside and outside of your windshield and that will cut down the glare Debbie Lee

Jennifer  Justice- Haley, Body Shop Owner/Operator at Co-Owner of Elite Collision Service, Inc First off, is the glare caused by acid staining, delamination of the glass or mineral deposits? Find a reputable body shop to give you an honest opinion on condition of the glass. This would be evident particularly at night or in the rain. As far as tinting,you need to check with the laws in your state regulating windshield tinting. You can check out, or contact the state police office in your area for advice. I would be wary of any windshield tinting application as it would diminish night driving vision significantly.

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