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Drivers side windshield will not defrost and I smell coolant when I have the heat or defrosters turned on. I am thinking it is a leaking heater core but there is no evidence of the "leak" anywhere inside or under the hood. I know the air flow vents on these pickups are known to break, could this possible be the case or is it the heater core? Thanks.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Suzanne, Yes, this could be your heater core malfunctioning, often times you can have a small pin hole leak under the dash that feeds down the firewall and under the carpet and batting of the vehicle compartment. If you have broken air vents they should not be causing a coolant smell in the cab.

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube The sweet smell of anti-freeze points to a leak and typically is the heater core. Feel the carpeting on the passenger side - if it's wet it's the heater core. If not a pressure check is probably the next step to find the leak source.

Judy Curry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Currys Auto Service It sounds as if you in fact have a leaking heater core and it may only be a small leak, which is why you have not yet noticed anything leaking from your truck. Either that or it is leaking onto the carpet and you just have not noticed it yet. Sometimes these leaks are small enough to cause problems, but not big enough to actually see it!

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Hello Suzanne- 99 times out of 100 when you smell coolant inside the car it is the heater core is beginning to leak- it is possible to see no visible leaks- until failure becomes severe then the liquid coolant will become visible on the floor pan inside the car or under the vehicle from the AC evaporator drain- hope this helps -thanks Super Girls Auto

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