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I have a 99 Honda Accord V6 with 107,000 miles on it. It needs a new transmission. This will be the 3rd transmission. The first one went out at 47k. The rest of the car is in excellent condition. I do not have a lot of money to spend. Should I repair or purchase another vehicle?

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Cherie Watters, President of Sales and Marketing at It depends. With 107,000 miles, body condition, electrical still good. You may want to purchase a transmission with a longer warranty and set aside monthly payments until this happens again you will be ready for that new car. Thank you

Jackie Studor, Sales & Leasing Consultant and Marketing Manager at North Coast Nissan Cleveland, Ohio It depends on your budget. It seems a bit unusual that your car has gone through 3 transmissions. So, at this point I would probably suggest trying to get something new to save you from buying a new transmission. Take a look at how much you can afford or what type of monthly payment you can handle. Leasing might be a good option for you because it*s easy to control your payment and you will likely be under warranty the duration of your lease. If this is not an option - I would maybe look at a pre-owned vehicle that comes with a certified pre-owned warranty. These types of warranties typically cover your engine, transmission, drivetrain, and other various components. Sometimes they even cover towing and roadside assistance. This will save you time and money in the future if your transmission goes.

Jenny Trostel, Partner at Anderson of Hunt Valley Have you contacted Honda about your car? 3 Transmissions in 107,000 miles is excessive. If you can show that you have maintained the car properly, they might be able to help you with the repair. If the car is in excellent condition, you should consider having a new or used transmission installed. The car will not be worth much on a trade in for another car, but now is a good time to buy a car. So you need to weigh both options. This is a tough decision to make.

Juliana Chaves, Internet Sales Consultant at Acton Toyota I think you should buy a new one, it could be a pre-owned certified with low miles.If you are looking for a new car make sure you check and get invoice on the vehicle you are looking for so you make a good deal.

Lisa Schomp, Owner/CEO  at Ralph Schomp Automotive Carolyn, Honda�s are definitely worth repairing. A transmission replacement is cheaper than the purchase of a new/pre-owned vehicle. One thing to keep in mind is if the timing belt was replaced at the 105,000 maintenance. A timing belt and transmission replacement can get very costly. Good Luck! Lisa J. Schomp

Patricia J Roberts, Director Business Development  at, Inc. Carolyn- Inasmuch as this is the 3rd transmission for the same vehicle, I would reach out to the dealership where you made the purchase or the one who has all of your service records then ask to speak to the factory representative about this same issue for the 3rd time. Find out if there has been a problem with other makes and models like you by going on the internet and by also speaking to the dealership or the factory representative. If you have been having routine required maintenance on this vehicle, then there may be another issue with "supplier transmission failure" and there may be a repair bulletin that Honda has issued to their dealerships. There are many locations on the internet to find out the known issues with everything these days. You will be able to find all known issues with your product. Once you have exhausted all of these avenues and you find that you are responsible for the transmission, then you will need to determine your personal finances to make a decision on a new vehicle or to repair the one you have. There are many new vehicle incentives available so do your homework before you make that decision.

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