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The blower in my 1996 Cadillac Deville does not work any more what do I do?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Mary, Your concern may be cause by one of two malfunctions (1) blower motor may be faulty or your blower motor controls may need to be replaced.

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube Verify the fuse is not blown. If the fuse is good the problem may be the fan or the heating control system, which will require a trip to the repair shop.

Laurie Sarno, Co-Owner at Super Girls Auto Hello Mary- 1st thing I would do is check the fuse-replace if necessary- 2nd the blower motor itself maybe bad- or the climate control system maybe bad- so I would suggest you take it to your trusted repair facility if replacing the fuse does not correct the problem- thanks Super GIrls Auto

Pat Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions at Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair Mary~ Well, you may be having a simple relay fuse issue, wiring OR the blower motor has said it is simply Done! This is a fix that needs to be done by your local/trusted dealer or certified mechanic. GO to ASKPATTY.COM & research in your area!

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