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I have a 98 Olds Intrigue. While driving home, I went to pass another car and as I accelerated, the car jerked and started losing power. Trac off light came on as well as service engine light. However, the car seemed to gain power but then it started to overheat. I pulled into a gas station and a mechanic there saw that there was no coolant in the radiator. We added water but the car did not want to start. He read the DTC and said that it read multiple misfires. The car finally started and I nursed it home but it ran rough the whole way and died once. Found the coolant leak which was caused by a rotted intake plenum seal which was causing massive coolant loss and pooling of coolant on the top of the intake manifold. There was no water found in the oil or coolant found when spark plugs were cleaned. Replaced the plenum seal, replaced the thermostat housing seal. Checked and all cylinders have fire. The fuel pressure is approx 46 psi. But the car still will not start. Unfortunately did not get the DTCs before removing battery cables so it cleared the computer of the codes (yeah, should have thought of that but did not). I have fire and fuel. When I try to start the car, it sounds like it wants to catch and backfire but cannot quite get there. There are no off mechanical sounds, like clanging or whining. So what could be some of the other problems? I have thought of the crank position sensor, the ignition module but is there anything else? And if it is the crank position sensor, does anyone know how much it would cost to replace or if it can be tested to see if it needs replacing?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Anna, You may have blown a head gasket and there is coolant in the combustion chamber. You need to have a compression test run to verify this.

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