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I have just bought a Toyota touch up paint kit. I am a bit nervous of trying it. How easy is it to make a good job of it? Also, it says it requires 48 hours to dry. Is it important not to drive the car during this time? I would be grateful for your advice, Thank you,

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Wendy Engelberg, Director of Operations and Founder at Autovisuals What exactly is in the kit and what do you have to touch up? If you only have chips and scratches, it is as easy as doing your nails! Start with a clean car. The area you want to touch up, take a Qtip and alcohol to clean the area. Pending on what you are using to touch up the car, a paint pen or brush, just make sure you build up the paint to reach the manufacturers paint by coloring in the spot. Most paints only take about 15 minutes to dry. If you have a kit that includes a clear coat, wait about an hour, then apply. Important: Make sure you shake the paint at least 30-60 seconds If you make a mistake, just take a little lacquer thinner and a Qtip to remove it and start over Also, make sure you do not touch up your car in the direct sunlight. In severe heat, paint will crack. Have fun!

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