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I have a 2001 VW Jetta GL TDI. It has 130,000 miles. Recently it has been having episodes of not accelerating as normal. It comes and goes. The last time it happened it would not go over 30 mph with the gas pedal to the floor. The next day it ran fine. The dealership looked at it and said it needs to have the carbon build up removed and possible turbo replacement at a pop of $2900! I do not want to get the shaft on this. Does this sound like a common problem with this type of diesel vehicle? Thanks Tammy

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Tammy, I do recommend a fuel system clean, you can have a flush performed for around $130. This procedure includes tapping into the fuel rail and flushing out all the carbon deposits that have built up throughout the years of fuel consumption which can cause loss of power. After you have had that service, you can judge the performance of acceleration where you can purchase a turbo replacement after market for a more effective price of replacement compared to a dealership cost.

Bogi Lateiner, Owner and Technician at 180 Degrees Automotive Hi Tammy - I used to drive a VW TDI and do alot of work on them. Unfortunatly clogged intakes and egrs are 'very' common on these engines. Howeveri think the quote that they have given you is too high. I think you should get a second opinion. I have also seen Mass Air Flow sensors cause the same symptoms. Good luck! Bogi Lateiner 180 Degrees Automotive

Karen Davis, Service Manager at Smith Stokes Tammy according to the reviews on that model Jetta, this particular problem doesn't seem common, however, I would get a second opinion before preceding with this expensive of a repair, especially if they aren't possitive it will need this or not. Also, go to and look up the value of the car to see if it would be worth wild. Good luck!

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Tammy, I recommend first that you try a cetane boost additive that does not contain alcohol. This is a fuel additive. Follow the directions on the bottle. This has been know to help clear up carbon deposits. If this does not solve the problem, you may have other failures that you should have a professional look in to. Suzanne

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