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I have a 94 Toyota Celica & I have ignition problems. Most of the time she starts fine, but there are times when she stalls when I turn the key. I will wait a minute and try again and she starts. Is that a starter, alternator or electrical issue? Where can I get this serviced? Only at the dealer?

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Jeannette, Thank You fore writing into askpatty, as vehicles age and miles are racked on the odometer such incidents as carbon build up on the head of fuel injectors, fouled spark plugs, etc., preventive maintenance issues are brought to a head. If time passes without preventive maintenance performance can be compromised... If it has been a while since you have changed your spark plugs and wires, changed the air filter, checked your vital fluids...etc. I would look into a basic tune up for starters. Connect with AskPatty on: YouTube: MySpace: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Flickr:

Bogi Lateiner, Owner and Technician at 180 Degrees Automotive Hi Jeannette, There are a number of things that this might be, I would suspect a fuel or spark issue if it tries to start but just does not quite get running. Any quality shop can do the work, find a shop you feel comfortable with and explain the situation. Give them as much detail as you can about when and under what conditions you have the problem, and what the symptoms are. You can locate an AskPatty Certified dealer service department or shop in our dealer locator or go here to located an ASE Blue Seal Certified service center: If it uis trying to start and just not engaging, I would not suspect the starter or alternator. You might just need a good old fashioned tune up, or you could have a fuel pressure issue if it only does this after sitting for a few hours. Hope that helps! Good luck - Bogi Lateiner Connect with AskPatty on: YouTube: MySpace: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Flickr:

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