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Took car in to be checked out. Dealer found a catalytic converter problem and replaced, then the exhaust system. Picked up car and drove 2 miles and lost power took back now they say I have a electrical harness(?)problem to the tune of $2,000. Nothing really wrong with car before I took it in. A scam? Help!

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Karen Davis, Service Manager at Smith Stokes There are a few questions I would ask the Service Manager; 1. What is wrong with the harness exactly. For example is there a short? Is the wire broken? Burnt? 2. What is the location of the damaged wire? Don not be afraid to ask them to show it to you and when they do ask also to see the location of the parts they replaced. 3. What was the cause of the failure? To what component does the "bad" harness go to exactly. If you do not get any satisfaction from the answers to these questions, get a second opinion from another dealer or independent repair center ASE MASTER Technician.

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Kathie Raisler, The catalytic converter is the part of the exhaust system that changes the majority of the bad exhaust gasses into more environmentally friendly exhaust. Exhaust flow is one thing that can affect the power of a vehicle. If the exhaust is restricted, the intake will in turn be restricted, which will cause a lack of power. Although it is possible to have more than one problem occur at the same time, it may not hurt to get a second opinion in this case. Also, always make sure you ask the technician to explain the problem exactly and show you any parts they claim to be faulty. Suzanne

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