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I have a 05 Lincoln LS in the local ford shop right now for issues with the car running rough/ misfires. They cant find anything wrong with it and told me I could have an engine reflash done and it MIGHT fix the problem. When I asked if I should go ahead and get it done I was told it was not really that important. I told him about 060000 ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING Summary: WDS COP KIT DIAGNOSTIC TIP - COIL ON PLUG (COP) IGNITION SYSTEMS - ENGINE MISFIRE OR ROUGH RUNNING. TT which completely explains the problem but they told me there is no way that could be the issue. They suggest that I let the car get worse and break down and then bring it into the shop?!?! I travel a lot and do not want to be stranded. Any suggestions?

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Bogi Lateiner, Owner and Technician at 180 Degrees Automotive Peggy - My first recommendation would be to take it to another shop for a second opinion, either a dealer or a reputable independent shop that is familiar with your vehicle. The TSB (technical service bulletin) that you referenced is just a series of tests, it does not give an exact repair. There are problems with the coils on your model, however there are many other things that can cause a rough running condition. Fuel, air leaks, clogged or leaking injectors, poor quality fuel, wiring issues etc. Because the coils are known to have issues, I would definitely want to check them closely, as well as rule out some of the other variables. If the engine is misfiring and running rough, there is a problem. If the shop you have it at is not able to find it, find another shop that can. If you are still under warranty and are at the dealership, be clear that waiting till it gets worse and leaves you stranded is not an option. If there is another dealer nearby tell the one you are at that you are going to take it to them instead. If you are out of warranty and at an independent, try another or perhaps consider taking it to the dealer. Hope that helps! Good Luck Bogi 180 Degrees Automotive Connect with AskPatty on: YouTube: MySpace: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Flickr:

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