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I have a used car-buying Q for you: We have about $14K in hand. If we are looking at two otherwise identical cars, but Car A has 50K miles and costs $12.9K, and Car B has 80K miles and costs $10K, what do you think? Are the 30,000 fewer miles worth $2,900? Of course we will try to bargain, and maybe we can get A for 12, but the same can be said for B, which maybe could be had for 9,500, right? There are a couple confuser-cars, too, Car C, with 50K but loaded w/every conceivable feature and asking 14; Car D is only 10K for 68K miles but it is a lower-level model (incl cloth seats, which are less appealing than leather when you have a big hairy dog). There are a dozen others.... But the basic Q is how excited should we be about low miles? Is Car A worth $2-3K more than Car B?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Greetings Michele, I am assuming that we are comparing a Honda Odyssey to a Honda Odyssey. This being the case, there are 7 different versions. According to - Here are various models of a Honda Odyssey 2005 w/ 50k: Ex =$15,300 Ex-L =$16,900 EX -L w/DVD =$17,400 EX-L w/ DVD & Nav. =$18,000 LX =$13,800 5D Touring =$19,000 5D Touring w/ DVD & Nav =$20,000 Big difference between the 13k & the 20K price. There are various factors that changes the price. Make Model Options Mileage Year Vans are big and heavy. I personally would want one with lower miles and the options I was looking for instead of higher miles. BUT... Each van needs to be inspected by a trained Master Auto Technician to see what kind of condition that specific van is in, and make sure it was not in any kind of accident. This is THE most important step to finding a quality used car. We had a 14,000 Honda CVR in our shop the other day for a Used Car Inspection. After we looked it over we told our client to RUN away from the deal. It had never been serviced, the brakes were shot (front and rear) the cabin air filter had mold growing on it, and it had been in an accident. Totally not worth $14,000. Yet it had the Honda Certified Used Car. All My Best. Amy Mattinat

Brandy Schaffels, Editor at, Inc. It*s impossible to say how to decide between a couple thousand dollars and a couple thousand miles, because driving and maintenance also play a factor in the expected lifespan of any given car. I would check the maintenance records of each car to help determine which has been better cared for and then choose based on which one is likely to give me more useable life for my money. Choose features based on what you will use (so what if it has a backseat entertainment system if nobody is back there to watch it, right?). I recommend sites like and to help you find out more details on specific models. Good luck!

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