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If I walk into a car dealer, with cash, how much should I expect to pay for a vehicle that cost about 30,000. can I get the vehicle at his cost?

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Hi Lyle: Let me first say that you may be able to get the vehicle at HER cost too! Different vehicles have different mark ups and incentives such as rebates associated with them. The best thing for you is to do a bit of "on-line homework" by looking at Ask Patty's home page where you can click on the cost and find a vehicle in that price range. Some other sites are and to get a better sense of what you should be paying for the market that you live in. I must mention that just as important as what you choose to purchase is WHO you choose to purchase it from. I do not have any GMC dealerships in my dealer group, but if you visit a site like you can get a good idea of the reputation that a local GMC dealership in your area has. Oh, one other thing...I wouldn*t make it known that you plan to pay cash right away...this is not always necessarily a good thing from a dealership*s opportunity to arrange financing for you and more difficult to sell you added options for a "few extra dollars" per month in your monthly payment. Hope this helps!

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