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Hi, I just learned about your website yesterday! So here is my problem: My check engine light has been on for.....a few years. =:0 When I talked to my mechanic about it, they said it was faulty, but that it only came on to indicated an off- balance of air to gas ratio or something like that. They said my car is fine to drive with the light on, and it has been. Plus they said to fix it is very expensive. When people get in my car they are initially worried that this light is on, I tell them it is ok, but I too do not like to see it. My emissions is due this month, so I usually go to my mechanic, he does something to my car that makes the light go off, I drive it 100 miles (mechanic said to do this) and then run it through emissions and it has always passed so far. The light will come on again within the month. So, should I spend the big bucks to fix this or just keep working around it? My car seems to run just fine even though this light is on. It is a 2000 Subaru Forester. Thanks, Michelle

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Lori Johnson, Owner and Instructor at Ladies Start Your Engines Dear Michelle, I have never heard of a shop that would not fix a check engine light. It sounds to me like they may not be sure how to fix it so they tell you it's okay. You should find out what the problem is that is causing the code and what it will take to fix it. I would suggest using another shop to give you a diagnosis and probably a Subaru dealership would be best. It's never good to let a check engine light continue to stay on. And clearing codes so that you can pass emissions is not right either. Have someone check it that knows what they're doing, get a price for the repair and then make your decision. You don't want to do damage to your vehicle by not having it repaired. Lori Johnson

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