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Have you heard of a company called SSR (sprayless scratch removal), if so any thoughts would be helpful. My husband and I own an automotive mobile paint company and are looking to add more services. Thank you, Stacey West

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Debbie Lee, President at Professional Car Care Stacey, No I have never heard of SSR...I have a Detailing Company and the services I have added are interior repair, dent removal, cleaning headlights...All of these can be done on site with a mobile truck. Just a few ideas. Good Luck Debbie Lee

Jennifer  Justice- Haley, Body Shop Owner/Operator at Co-Owner of Elite Collision Service, Inc I had to Google "sprayless scratch removal" to find out for myself. Apparently there*s a company that has developed a system to do just what it says. Their website is very informative. Depending on initial investment for the kits they offer and training, it may be a viable profit center for you since you*re already in the mobile repair business! Good Luck!

Wendy Engelberg, Director of Operations and Founder at Autovisuals This is their website. This process has been around for more than 20 years. In the business we called it spray and wipe. You could either spray the paint on with an airbrush or wipe it on, then remove it with over spray remover. Everyone has a different over spray remover, some very good, some not. Remember, the ONLY way to actually repair and REMOVE a scratch is to sand it, fill it and shoot it. This is just another touch up process. The video does not show any close up of the final product, so my guess is you can still see the scratch. Their start up fees are $5K, which is a lot of money. See what exactly is in the kit, premixed paints? Toners? If you already have a toner system, can you do this yourself? Best of luck!!

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