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My 1991 Toyota tercel needs a new engine. (it has a nonworking cylinder, in spite of the fact that there are only 60,000 miles on it!) I am thinking of buying an old volvo instead of fixing the tercel. Not having much money, I, of course, would have to buy an older Volvo. I have seen 1981-1989 models in my range. My question for you is, is this practical? Will an older Volvo just cost too much in upkeep? (Please note that the Tercel is not very new either) why a Volvo? Simply because I like them

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Paula, 91 Tercel that is a know entity compared to a 89 Volvo that you don*t know anything about? If the rest of your Tercel is in great shape, I would vote for the Tercel. A rebuilt engine for this won*t be that expensive (compared with most cars) and other repairs and maintenance are also very economical. It*s hard to find a used 10 yr. old vehicle in decent shape, and your Volvo would be over 20 yrs old. Yes it could be done, but you would need a really good Volvo technician who specializes in old Volvo*s to get you parts and keep it on the road.

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Paula, Toyotas and Volvos alike are both great vehicles, I am shocked about your Tercel with such low miles. It really depends on your budget on what you personally want to do. You can have your existing Toyota motor rebuilt if the damage is not too extensive. It may be cheaper to have your engine rebuilt. AJ Pierce

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