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Actually my question category was not in the drop down menu - it is about selling my old car. I have decided it is time for us to part ways. Your estimator says that it is value is between 1250 & 3100 but it does not allow factoring in the two fender-benders it has been in. The damage to those was simply exterior dents but I know it affects the value. So - for prep I am going to get it detailed and it is being worked on to clean and replace some sensors and the catalytic converter system. It needs new shocks and struts but at this point I am ready to just sell it outright. My question is where is the best place to target to sell a vehicle that is still basically sound - according to my mechanics? to get the maximum price? Thanks!

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Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) You might want to reconsider putting very much more money into the vehicle. Obviously any dents or damage to the vehicle affects the value. You can try to list it in your local paper, on Craigs lists for your area, or even donate it to charity. If you do sell the vehicle be sure to get a "Sold As Is" signature from the buyer so you will not be held liable for repairs after the sale. You can probably find this kind of document on some of the legal document sites on-line. Also be very sure you have "cash in hand" before turning over the car and the title. Particularly if the buyer wants to pay by check. Cash is always best with this kind of sale. One other option is ask your mechanic if he knows of someone in the market for your type of vehicle.

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Dear Sheila, I*m uncomfortable that you are spending so much money on a car you are getting rid of. You will unlikely recoup any of the money you spend. Cleaning it is always a good idea... but it would have been better to give a list of what it needs to the next person and not spend your money to replace sensors and the catalytic converter ($-ouch!). If your technician wrote out any kind of paperwork stating the vehicle is sound and needs the following work to make safe & reliable... that would be great. How to get the word out? 1. word of mouth 2. Craigs List 3. For sale sign with info in the car*s window. 4. want ad in the local paper 5. ask your technician if they have a client that needs a good / cheap car?

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