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Patty, The temperature gauge on my BMW has been swaying from cold to hot and my heater puts out warm air at times. What could be the problem and how much can I expect to pay? Also is it necessary to visit a BMW dealer for this service? Thanks, Shawn NC

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Amanda Wetherill Holmes, Parts and Service Director and Vice President of Operations at Devon Hill BMW Shawn, The reason to go to a BMW dealer is because they have trained BMW certified technicians and they use only BMW original parts. The problem that you are experiencing with your car could be the thermostat or a water pump issue but most likely it is your thermostat. As for the cost, it depends on the year and model of your BMW, if you are still under warranty it should not cost you anything, if you are out of warranty it should be about $100 in parts and $200 in labor depending on your local dealers labor rate. This is an estimate. The best thing to do it call your local dealer and ask them to price out a thermostat for you with installation. Cheers, Amanda

Suzanne Grego, Technician at City of Philadelphia Fleet Management Shawn, There are a couple of different problems that could cause this symptom within your coolant system. You may have a thermostat on it*s way out or you could have a bad mixture of coolant or old, dirty coolant. Cost is really going to depend on exactly what the problem is. You can visit a BMW dealer, or go to a technician you trust. Suzanne

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