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Hi Patty! I was in a car accident last week and there is structural damage to my car. I am in a position where I have to decide whether to fix my car or purchase a new one. Note: my insurance covers the other partys damages, but not mine. To make things easier, here are the details: 1) Honda Civic EX Coupe (2000) 2) Mileage: 85,000 3) Front left side of my vehicle hit the rear right side of the other vehicle. 4) According to the auto repair shop, the estimated cost for repairing the vehicle is $4,300. 5) Kelley Blue Book quotes the trade-in value of my car (before the accident) at around $5,000. With all of this in mind, would it be more logical for me to purchase a new car rather than fix up my Civic? I can muster up the monthly payments, but I just feel badly that my Honda only has 85,000 miles. Honda is known for lasting FOREVER, and I kind of feel like I am throwing away a very decent car. HOWEVER, the cost of repair equals the value of my car, which is why I am torn. Please help! Thanks so much for your time and recommendation. Best regards, Grace

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Jennifer  Justice- Haley, Body Shop Owner/Operator at Co-Owner of Elite Collision Service, Inc Hi Grace, Insurance companies typically total a car when the original estimate is around 70-75% of a car's "book" value. Also remember: an estimate is just an estimate. If you're paying out of pocket, I can honestly tell you, it's always can feel like a "money pit" once repairs begin. Save your repair $$ for a down payment on a new car. You may sleep better at night!! Good Luck! Jennifer

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