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I need a vehicle to carry 6 adult passengers and their belongings for about 30 hrs. I have been looking at a suburban. Any others you think I should look into? Vehicle will be used 3 times a yr for this purpose.

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Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) Although this suburban is a good choice, if you are looking for a vehicle with better gas mileage you might want to check out the mini van options available from almost all manufacturers. They usually have a 6 cylinder as opposed to an 8 cylinder engine and use considerably less fuel. You can get them in 5/7/9 passenger configurations.

Georgia Brown, Director of Education at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Wow, that*s a long time so you definitely need to look at comfort as well as storage. We have owned SUVs and a mini-van and the ride is definitely different. I think if I were in your situation I would look at the Chrysler Town and Country as well. It has a lot of storage (Stow and Go) and changeable seating options for as many as 7 (Swivel and Go). I would think about the size of those passengers and consider leg room especially. For 30 hours, you don

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