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Is a used Volkswagen Beetle a safe first car for my teenage daughter?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Paul, I have always heard great things about the Volkswagen Beetle. IF you go to the following websites you can view the results of various test.

Georgia Brown, Director of Education at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Paul, I may be prejudiced, but I love VW Beetles. My first car was a gold "Bug". My dad bought a very used 1958 for me, when I was 16, knowing I could not race it, I think. I commuted 50 miles a day to high school, and it got good gas mileage. When the New Beetles came out, I couldn*t wait to buy one as soon as I could afford to trade cars. I bought a 2000 dark blue and drove it many miles. I gave it to my son who drove it until a guy side-swiped him going 80 mph on a bridge. Spun it around and around, but it did not flip, and damage was was extensive on the driver's side. My son was shook up and sore, but no major injuries. It had almost 200,000 miles on it, so the insurance company totaled it. When I gave the 2000 to my son, I bought a 2003. An old 3/4 ton Ford pickup rear-ended it going about 25 mph. It totaled the truck, but the Beetle only had minor bumper damage, and neither my daughter or I was hurt. We traded that one for a 2006, which my daughter drove to college. Bottom line, based on my experience, it's a great first car. Easy and fun to drive, easy to maintain, good gas mileage, well-built and yes, safe. Georgia Brown Director of Education

Marnie Kramer, Owner and Creator at Dear Paul, Thank you for visiting Traditionally VW always has high crash ratings on their vehicles. Following are a couple of independent links that talk about the crash test results. To increase the safety of your teen driver you may also want to consider some teen driving schools which will enhance their driving ability. Following are some links to those schools. Good Luck, Sincerely, Marnie Kramer Everything Carz

Donna Burmeister, Service Manager at Classic Nissan You couldn't get a better vehicle. They meet and exceed safety regulations. They're great on fuel and most important of all they're cute!!!

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